So, you think you have what it takes? Good. But hold up just a second. There are a few things you need to know before you can start developing. Let us walk you through a few steps to make sure that your app will reach Toon’s end users – and that it is good quality stuff.​


Step 1: A little tour

To get some quality code out there, you’ve got to get your facts straight. Most information is accessible at, without signing up. Get ready to read all About Toon and check out the API intro


Step 2: Start developing

Click “get started” to sign up. Register the app you want to build in the My Apps section, and you will find your key and secret in there. You need to include your key and secret in your source code to make it work.
With the provided consumer key and secret in combination with your developer login, you get access to a Virtual Toon: a real API providing you with real responses, as if you are talking to a real Toon device! Though the API responses are somewhat static, it’s the easiest way to start playing around with the Toon API.

The key and secret also works with real Toons. Before your app is ready to launch (see step 3) the key is limited to an amount of 5 real Toons. To gain access to these real Toons make sure you use the same key and secret, but in combination with the login details from the end-user owning the Toon. Use of the Toon API is free. To protect our quality of service we have set a quotum of 25 calls per day on the authentication endpoint and 500 calls per day on the Toon api endpoint. If this limit is reached a http status code 429 will be returned on any request.


Step 3: Ready to launch

When you’re ready to bring you app to real end-users, submit your app for review by the Toon API team. All you need to do is send an approval request to​ We will get in touch with you for additional information about your app and do a quick check. This way, we can make sure that all apps meet our​ guidelines and principles.
End-users will log in into your app with their Toon account, as provided by their energy company. You have to include a privacy statement in your app, to be approved by the end-user, explaining to the end-user what your app does with their data.
Approved? We will upgrade your API key to get access to all Toon end-users. Off course the end-users have to login themselves to start using your app. Congratulations, your are now allowed to publish your app online or in app stores!


Step 4: Scaling up

We will count the number of Toons connected to your API key. We will keep track of the amount of Toons connected to your app. You can check it yourself in the Analyse My App section in My Apps. When you are able to impress us with your market reach we will come over for a cup of coffee to discuss the future of your app and how we can help each other become more successful.