Quality assurance guidelines

All apps created to connect to Toon devices must conform to the Toon QA principles. The goal of the principles is to ensure that the end user has a positive experience. Your app is reviewed by us before we upgrade your API key to provide access to all Toon users. Without this key not more than five end users can connect their Toon device to your app. Check out the developer journey for more details.

Apps and websites must abide by the following principles:

  • Clear goal: It must be clear what function the app fulfills for end users. End users should never be confused about what the app is and does.
  • Clear maker: You need to have a website that explains who you are, where you are based and how people can reach you. The website can be found easily based on your company name or from the app.  
  • Clear description: Users should be able to see and read what the app does before deciding to link up their Toon. The documentation – preferably with screen shots – should be on your website, in the app store and in the app. 
  • Respect privacy: Toon has privacy principles that your app shouldn’t violate. Specifically, your app must show a privacy statement to users that describes exactly what happens to their data. Users have to provide explicit consent to your privacy statement before being able to connect their Toon.
  • No controversy: Your app should not be associated with extreme violence, adult content, illegal activities, insults or other provocative material.  
  • Clear brand: You should use your own branding to communicate that you are not Toon. Check the branding guidelines below to see how you can mention Toon. 
  • All functions working: In your app, all buttons and other screen elements should work. No error messages should be produced.
  • Consistent layout: Your app or website should have a consistent layout that promotes ease of use. Messy or unfinished apps should be improved and finished.
  • Enough security: Your app or website should have basic security in place. Websites must use https. All input fields must have validation to protect against sql-injection. User data must be protected, for instance through encryption.
  • Clear disclaimer: Any user installing and opening your app must be shown the following message: „This application uses the Toon API, follows the guiding principles for using the Toon API, but has not been developed by Toon.“


Toon branding guidelines

Excited to show off your app? We are too, but it’s important to us that users understand whose app they are about to use.

Toon brand name

  • Always capitalize the T in Toon, the rest is lowercase
  • Don't include any Toon logo, icon or image for your app
  • Don't imply any sponsorship or endorsement by Toon

Works with Toon

When your app has been reviewed and approved, please stick to the following format:

  • <company name> works with Toon
  • <company name> <product name> works with Toon
  • <company name>'s <product name> works with Toon


  • Olisto works with Toon
  • Philips Hue works with Toon

Please avoid modifying or change the phrase, such as:

  • working with Toon
  • works through Toon
  • Toon Hue light
  • We work with Toon

For specific questions and/or additional Toon promotion material, please email us at devsupport@toon.eu.