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Quby and its owners take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. This privacy policy applies to all pages on the Toon developer website, and does not apply to pages hosted by others (related) organisations or third party websites. The Toon developer website may be linked to the websites of such other parties, but those other sites may have their own privacy policies which apply to them.


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What types of information do we collect and store? 

The type and amount of information we receive and store depends on the use of the Toon developer website. We do not collect personal information (such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail address) on the Toon developer website, unless you choose to provide it. For example, where you contact us via e-mail forms or action or subscribe to our email updates. If you apply for a job at Quby, we will collect information so that we can process your application and assess your suitability for the role. How do we use information collected? Your personal information will be retained by Quby and its service providers in a secure environment, will be kept confidential, and will only be used in connection with the purposes for which it is submitted, or as otherwise explained on the Toon developer website or as necessary for us to comply with our legal obligations.


We take appropriate security measures to ensure that we keep your information secure, accurate and up to date, and that we only keep it for as long as is reasonable and necessary. However the transmission of information over the internet is never completely secure, so while we do our best to protect personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted to our website. The information you provide will not be sold or rented nor will it be shared with third parties.

Use of Cookies 

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Toon API privacy policy

A.         Collection limitation principles

Toon personal data and data inferred from Toon personal data may generate new insights that can form a basis for new products or services or can serve the general public. As such insights may have a privacy impact, all data research will only be conducted based on anonymous Toon personal data. The use of anonymous Toon personal data for research purposes will be made explicit in the applicable privacy statement and users can elect to opt-out of this use. Personal data required for research purposes will always be subject to users’ consent.
We and all Toon ecosystem partners implement the technical and organisational measures that are appropriate to the processing of Toon personal data and its purposes to ensure that that Toon, the Toon platform, Toon services and connected devices meet the requirements of applicable privacy legislation.


B.         Use limitation principles

Toon may offer new Toon products and services to its users. This is made explicit in the privacy statement and users can elect to opt-out of this.
Users will not directly be approached with offers for third party products and services without their consent. Users may be enabled to issue – on their initiative – a request for an offer from selected vendors for the delivery of products and services that relate to Toon, e.g. request a selected vendor to issue an offer for the isolation of the home of the user.


C.          Data quality principles

Toon personal data is relevant and proportional for the purposes for which it is processed. Toon personal data must be correct and complete and will be updated on a regular basis. The quality requirements for Toon personal data are dependent on the nature of the Toon service for which they are processed. If the impact of a faulty service for the personal or financial situation of the user is high, this is combined with a high-quality requirement. The required minimum level of quality is assured by the application of a data quality management process.


D.         Purpose specification principles

Toon personal data will only be processed for specific and explicit purposes that have been communicated to the user by means of a privacy statement.
We and each Toon ecosystem partner will stay away from the so called “creepy line”. Even if a specific processing of Toon personal data is covered by a purpose, we or the Toon ecosystem partner will continuously verify whether the intended processing may potentially surprise, scare or anger the user.
A Toon Friendly User Group or “FUG” will be set up. Toon personal data related to participants of this FUG may be used for broader purposes than Toon personal data related to the regular Toon user group provided that each FUG participant has provided adequate consent to use of their Toon personal data for such broader purposes.
If Toon personal data is processed for a secondary purpose that is compatible with the original purpose for which it has been collected, such processing must also directly benefit the user (e.g. by means of a discount or the introduction of a new service that provides for direct benefits to the user) or alternatively we or the Toon ecosystem partner involved in such processing, will not directly commercially benefit from such processing (e.g. by serving a public interest).


E.          Openness principles

All communication related to the processing of Toon personal data is clear and easy to understand.
The Toon device and Toon services use a layered privacy statement. This layered privacy statement is composed of a basic Toon privacy statement combined with additional privacy statements that apply when the user opts for additional Toon services. For each Toon service, the additional privacy statement will clearly communicate which categories of Toon personal data will be processed to deliver such service to the user.


F.          Individual participation principles

The standard out of the box user consent settings can be changed only by the user on their Toon device, Toon App or website directly or by agreement between the user and the relevant Toon ecosystem partner. Each agreement is documented and auditable.
Toon acts as a “data concierge” for the user. On their Toon device, a user can check their Toon personal data (on a category level) and related consent settings at all times. Upon request, a user is entitled to receive a detailed overview of all specific elements of Toon personal data that have been processed over a specific period.
Toon personal data is stored centrally in a personal cloud solution or PDS set up in such a way that it enables the user to be fully in control of their Toon personal data and grant access to us and Toon ecosystem partners in a secure manner.  
The collection of Toon personal data by connected devices (e.g. Philips Hue) is fully transparent to the user and subject to a prior consent of the user. 


G.         Accountability principles

Toon actively monitors privacy compliance in relation to the Toon device, the Toon platform and Toon services, and draws up annual reports on the outcome of such monitoring.  The reports are made available to Toon’s wholesale partners.
Every Toon ecosystem partner is fully accountable for resolving any problems that may occur with the processing of Toon personal data that is related to users that are customers of the partner.
We will actively police app developers on their privacy compliance and will hold them accountable when required. In case of privacy violations by an app developer, their access to the Toon API may be disabled.


H.         Security safeguard principles

Toon will not store data elements on the Toon device that can potentially identify an individual person or a specific home.
The Toon device and the Toon platform shall be secured in accordance with the highest industry security standards.